Using Bitly for Business - Free Pro Tips for Your Band Brand or Business

Posted by Jeremy Janssen on

Using Bitly for Business, Bands and Brands

Free Pro Tips for Your Band Brand or Business


Creating Engaging Social Media Posts means making the most of each link you include to direct visitors to you!

Save valuable time and polish your image with Bitly shortened links.

If your band, brand or business is not currently using a link shortening service such as then keep reading! With a free account and these few tips your business, brand or band can stand out like and create brand specific links like the pros do!

Fortune 500 companies may have an entire building of tech nerds devoted to shaping their social media presence. You have you. Between 2 and 3:15 PM.

Bitly is a link shortening service used by many to take long, multiple line HTML addresses and convert them to a short, Social Media Post friendly links.

This shorter link is viewed by most potential customers as a "safe" and "trustworthy". This can be a great advantage for new web page launches that do not have the name/brand recognition. 

Create an account with Bitly to save, edit and view past analytic of created links. 

Although the paid membership with Bitly has a few perks, for most, a free account will take care of all your long-link woes.

The ability to edit/customize your links once created is one of the best (and little known) benefits of having a free Bitly account. Simply copy paste your link and then update the Page Title, Description, Tags and of course your unique Bitlink.

Generic letter/number Bitlinks are not necessarily a deterrent to potential visitors as the Bitly brand is widely known and used.

However, when looking at "" vs. "" it is not hard to see which has a higher probability of getting clicked and (hopefully) purchased. When renaming your Bitly links keep in mind that you must use a unique phrase AND click save to ensure all links save and are named correctly. 

Finally, take advantage of the free Analytics Bitly associates with each link you shorten. Although not the most user friendly in the free version, Bitly can provide valuable information of times, locations and other useful data a business owner or brand manager may need.


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