Shopping Online and Living Local in 2019

Posted by Jeremy Janssen on

We all want to support out friends and neighbors' local shops and services, however online retail giants and mobile shopping apps have grayed a once black and white definition.

Shop local once meant just that, you shop local, end of story. If the store in town doesn't haven't then they'll order it for you or it just doesn't exist.

Maybe, just maybe you'd the next town before finalizing big ticket purchase.

Internet searches, online retail stores may not have even been involved. But they should have been. Reading reviews and using either coupon or comparison shopping apps creates informed consumers who don't get gouged on regular purchases.

Rather than all local or all online, the middle ground lets individuals support competitive local establishments while using the internet to expand the buying power of each dollar. 

Shop local 1st. Be smart and price conscious before dividing dollars between local goods and online deals.

Supporting businesses where you live doesn't mean you should pay 25-50% above Amazon with every local dollar you spend. Shop around your local market, look at stores that you are not familiar with or have not visited in a while to get an idea of what goods (if any) would be better sourced online.

Supporting local shops does mean you will pay a little more than big box retailers from time to time. Keep in mind local shops have higher physicals costs, are run by friends/family and offer items for immediate sale; aka, no waiting for a mail man (or drone) to show up at your door.


Be frugal. 

Be thoughtful of your local communities.

But most of all: don't stress...its only retail after all.